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VisualCV.gifThe other day the Wichita State student public relations society hosted a networking event at the Greteman Group. I spent most of my time there meeting students and critiquing resumes. I met some impressive young adults and they brought with them very good printed resumes. However, only one student had purchased and set up a web domain to show off their work.

The advantages of an online presence are pretty compelling: there's 24/7 access to your portfolio, evidence that you have some online competence, and the ability to provide as much - or as little - information as a potential employer might want.

I know there are a lot of click-and-build options for personal websites, and a blogging platform might also work well. But here's something that's worth a look: Visual CV. It's a new (still in beta) site for creating interactive resumes. You can embed video or other pieces of your work, and generally you have lots of control over presentation. While you can make it as interactive as you like, there's a button on the bottom that generates a PDF. Nice! Check out Guy Kawasaki's Visual CV. I have not signed up for this service (it's free) but it's definitely worth a look.

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