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Nicholas D. Kristof enjoys a prominent perch in American life; he's a columnist for the New York Times, where he can reach millions of people every week. But he's also on Facebook, where he has almost 20,000 fans. Why Facebook? The principle is simple: for maximum influence, go where the eyeballs are. According to Alexa.com, Facebook is the #5 most visited website in the U.S.; NYTimes.com is #21.

That's the biggest limitation for a lot of bloggers. You can manage the technical hurdles and you can create the content. But in the end, there may not be a lot of eyeballs at David Kamerer's Spoonful. Or at my public relations blog, PRNeededHere.com. I'm building traffic, but it's not like perezhilton.com over here. Perez is on a superhighway; I'm a two-lane blacktop.

But I'm learning to go where the eyeballs are. In the past week I've cloned my blogs twice. LinkedIn's new applications create new opportunities to host content on your LinkedIn page. I installed Six Apart's Blog Link, and my blog instantly flowed on to my LinkedIn page. Blog Link also found my contacts' blogs, which are also viewable from my page. Simple and brilliant.

I also participate in a public relations social media site, PR Open Mic. I cross-posted some blog entries there, and instantly got a lot of comments. The process is pretty simple; from my blog dashboard, copy the blog entry HTML, and then paste it into a window. Preview it, touch up the code, and publish. 

Every time I clone my blogs, I reach a new audience. It's a few more breadcrumbs to make it easier for interested readers to find my work. I'm glad to have you as a reader, whether here or there.

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