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Most aspiring singer/songwriters would tell the world when they signed a major record label deal. But Marié Digby didn’t tell a soul.

She didn’t tell anyone that Hollywood Records, owned by Disney and home to stars Hilary Duff and Raven Simone, bought her computer and production equipment so she could post simple videos to YouTube.

She kept quiet that Disney paid for polished studio recordings, featured on her MySpace page. On that page, under “Record label,” she specified “none.”

Last year I was asked to do an attendee evaluation for a national meeting Envision hosted for some 450 participants. “No problem,” I told my boss. And in a week, we had responses from 40 percent of our attendees – a response rate that rivals that of any professional research firm.

It turned out to be a quick and easy project, thanks to the online tool Survey Monkey. Here’s a look under the hood:

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