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Of course I'm interested in Twitter. So I signed up for an account, found some friends, and started watching ... and tweeting. But the thing is, I really have nothing to say. I'm happy to share my life with my friends, but reluctant to share it with the world. 

My interest in Twitter stems from using it in workgroups, for professional applications, to document a one-time event in real time. I see lots of uses.

But if you want to know "what I'm doing" you're sure to be disappointed. I may be organizing my sock drawer. Or something else equally boring. Or I may be doing something positively brilliant. But it's not for sharing. At least not with the entire world.

This morning on Weekend Edition, Scott Simon interviewed Troy Hitch of the Big Fat Institute about the viral campaign, "You suck at Photoshop." Listen to the interview, then view the first episode from season one. I found it hilarious and beautifully written and produced. Finally, online rich media feels like it belongs online. This wouldn't be nearly as effective if viewed on a television. The granularity is right, also; each episode is about five minutes. A good size for a media snack. The Big Fat Institute website is also worth a look. Donnie, I feel your pain!

That's a basic principle of social media. You can have a relationship with someone and never meet them face-to-face. But there's nothing like real conversation!

Here's a photo of a "Tweetup" I attended this week at Panera in College Hill in east Wichita. While there was almost no talk of Twitter, there was wide-ranging discussion of social media and how it touches our lives. Fun, inform
ative, and no, we're not all nerds. Though some of us spend a dangerous amount of time online.

This group meets most weeks at different places around town. Join us! A good excuse to get out of your pajamas and stop typing for a while.

blog-competition.gifTo celebrate its 10th anniversary, PR Week is holding a competition for "best PR blog." Vote for your favorites!

Of course, blogging is no competition and voting is silly. But you should definitely check out the 32 finalists - there's some good stuff in there. 

As they say in Chicago, "vote early, and vote often."

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