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That's a basic principle of social media. You can have a relationship with someone and never meet them face-to-face. But there's nothing like real conversation!

Here's a photo of a "Tweetup" I attended this week at Panera in College Hill in east Wichita. While there was almost no talk of Twitter, there was wide-ranging discussion of social media and how it touches our lives. Fun, inform
ative, and no, we're not all nerds. Though some of us spend a dangerous amount of time online.

This group meets most weeks at different places around town. Join us! A good excuse to get out of your pajamas and stop typing for a while.

blog-competition.gifTo celebrate its 10th anniversary, PR Week is holding a competition for "best PR blog." Vote for your favorites!

Of course, blogging is no competition and voting is silly. But you should definitely check out the 32 finalists - there's some good stuff in there. 

As they say in Chicago, "vote early, and vote often."

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