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Remember when you were young and full of innocence? You know, about a thousand tweets ago?

If you'd like to recapture that special first time, check out MyTweet16, which will show the first 16 tweets of any person you care to stalk investigate learn about. You know, how they tweeted "back in the day." Sometime in September or October, most likely (Twitter has grown that fast).

The open API that Twitter runs on is sparking lots of innovation and reinvention, always a good thing with new media. Everyone can get their hands on a piece of the Twitter experience. Here are some more Twitter tweaks:

TweetTrak - service that tracks keywords on Twitter, sending you a direct message when your term appears.
FriendorFollow - Who are you following? Who is following you? This service helps you manage the reciprocity of your Twitter follows/followers from three easy-to-understand windows. Worth a look every so often to keep your Twitterverse in balance.
Mr. Tweet - your Twitter valet service. Follow Mr. Tweet (for some reason I can't stop thinking about Homer Simpson as "Mr. Plow") and Mr. Tweet will suggest people who should be in your network.
Twitbacks - free custom Twitter background themes. (or you could go old school and wrangle the pixels yourself; I suggest creating an image 2048 pixels wide by 1707 pixels high at 72 ppi; save out the finished art as a .jpg. And please, make it pretty).

Also, very much worth a read: Why I love Twitter, by Tim O'Reilly (yes, THAT O'Reilly).

Thanks to Kevin Dugan at Strategic Public Relations for some of these links.
Here's a nice list of social media campaigns, courtesy of Being Peter Kim. There's a ton to learn here, so get clicking!
With much of social media, there's the "getting started" problem. For example, suppose you've just activated an account at Twitter. What next? You're following no one, and no one is following you. Not much fun, is it?

If you've been contemplating joining the Twitter community, here's some excellent advice on getting started from David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR. This book, by the way, is an excellent introduction to using social media.

One way to get going is to generate a feed of Twitter users in your community. You can do this at twitterlocal, or by using the advanced search function at Twitter.

Another approach? Figure out who the power Twitter users are, and follow them. Or, you could follow the top Tweeters at TwitterGrader, which purports to analyze the influence of Twitter users.

But don't look for me on the list. I'm taking Twitter pass/fail.

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Thanks to Clemson University Professor Mihaela Vorvoreanu for the post upon which this entry is based.

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