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PR Squared, by Todd Defren, SHIFT Communications. Small agency that plays big, good balance between traditional PR training/technique and a solid understanding of how the Internet works.

Micro Persuasion, by Steve Rubel. He works for Edelman, a leading PR firm, and one that has positioned itself as social media-smart.

seth godin's BLOG, by, well, Seth Godin. (that's his capitalization, not mine). More marketing oriented than above, Seth is always swinging for the fences. Sometimes he connects, sometimes he whiffs. His writing has some of the qualities of Wired Magazine, always in search of the BIG IDEA (my capitalization). There's always a next BIG IDEA to push the old one out of view. But, having qualified his world view, he's fearless and imaginative, and you will learn something from him.

Find your own favorite social media/PR/marketing blog. Visit the Advertising Age Power 150 and toss some clicks. FYI, seth's BLOG is ranked #1, Micro Persuasion is  #9, and PR Squared comes in at #40. This week, that is.

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