A Twitter toolkit

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One of the nice things about Twitter is that other developers have taken the API and built useful extensions that leverage Twitter's power. You can take control of your Tweetosphere with these handy tools, posted by Brian Solis at PR 2.0, one of my favorite public relations blogs.

The tool I'm most excited about is GroupTweet. You can use GroupTweet to create a workgroup and then share private tweets amongst the team members. The tweets remain outside of your public Tweetstream. Handy for workgroups of any size, or perhaps as a discussion forum for an online class (or physical class, for that matter).

Here's another batch of Twitter tools you'll want to explore. Also, be sure to spend some time with Twitter Search if you're at all interested in reputation management.

iPhone user? Consider Twitterific, a free product available from the Icon Factory.

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