The Missing Google Analytics Manual

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What good is a web site if it just sits there? I'm hearing from more and more small businesses and non-profits who are ready to start taking measurement of their web traffic seriously. For these smaller websites, Google Analytics is a powerful and easy solution. Here's a treasure trove of support information from if you're just getting started with Google Analytics.

Here's a quick overview: start by creating an account with Google. Your analytics account can be created from your Gmail login. Google Analytics will then provide some code that you'll place on your website. Depending on how your site is configured, you'll put it on every page, or in one place that's served up with every page. When visitors hit your site, the code will "phone home" to Google. You'll view the results a day later on a very nice dashboard viewable from your Google Analytics account page.

If you're a Movable Type user like me, a good place to install the code is in your Footer template file, just before the </body> tag. You just need to put it on your site once, since the footer is served with every call to your site. And, since it's in the footer, disruption to the user is minimal, since it's served last. Note that this code is "off the page" text; it's not visible to your site visitors.

There's really no excuse to not measure your web traffic. It's not hard to get started, and the service is free. Do this today!

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This may be a more elegant way to install Google Analytics on a Movable Type blog:

This is a great resource! I had bookmarked this a few weeks back after seeing it posted on Twitter, but hadn’t read it yet. I just stumbled across it in my bookmarks and am glad I did. I’ve been tracking lead generation campaigns for a while, but see a few items I’ve been missing and can add to what I’m tracking. I’ll be reading/watching the rest of these tutorials as time permits.

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