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I don't know about you, but I'd much rather watch a film in a theatre than on my computer. But sometimes, you just don't have a choice. There's a ton of content online, and some of it is good. An innovative site called SnagFilms makes independent films available for free. If you like a particular film, just "snag" it and show it on your website. 

Here, you can watch "Be Here to Love Me," a documentary about the wonderful songwriter Townes Van Zandt ("Pancho and Lefty"). There's a catch: wildly inappropriate commercials may intrude on your viewing (in my case, eye lash makeup ads, not exactly great targeting). Oh well, small price to pay. Enjoy the film, click through, and share the love. 

If you're an indie filmmaker, this may be a worthwhile distribution channel. 

Learn more from Walt Mossberg's column, originally published in the Wall St. Journal. One more warning: the service is still in beta, so you might find some bugs. But it worked fine for me.

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