What's needed: more time to listen

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dylan.jpgWhile I'm working my way through the excellent "Traneumentary," I'm also happy to report that Bob Dylan's "Theme Time Radio Hour" season three begins this Wednesday.

If you've ever seen Dylan in concert, you know how enigmatic he can be. So I was a completely surprised to hear him open up on his radio show. He's a charming, genial, quirky host, with an excellent sense of humor and an even better playlist. Each episode is based on a theme, which is explored with music, anecdotes and interviews, all held together with Dylan's bemused presence. You'll hear lots of vintage roots music, including jazz, country and rhythm 'n blues, along with a sprinkling of the best music from modern times.

CROZ FM has archived the shows from seasons 1 and 2. I highly recommend you visit and grab a few shows. Or, you can subscribe to XM Radio and listen on channel 2, XMX, every Wednesday.

Finding time to listen? That's your problem.

In the photo: Bob's playing a sweet old Gibson J-45.

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